Why am I posting the Rocky IV training montage you ask? My response: Why not..


Will Ferrell – In my Plums from Eastbound and Down

Gold. Pure gold.

New Iron Man 3 Trailer

I do love me some Stark

This man can solve a rubix cube while juggling it

Do not really know what to say. Impressive.

Incredible Catch

Respect dude. Even ends with some flair

50 Years of 007

Pretty solid compilation of the 50 years of Bond. Enjoy!

Matrix type stuff is coming into existance

Touching remotes is so 2012

Sometimes you just need Star Wars to start your day

Star Wars IV – A New Hope Ending Theme

Waiiit for it

Amazing speed painter. Wait for the end. Its worth it.

White Jeans – Get on Board

White Jeans - Get on Board

From The Sartorialist – I kept telling people but no one ever listens